Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wait... summer just started!

Summer over... not happy!

I was walking to work the other morning and saw a few leaves fall. They weren't leaves that had turned colors or anything like that, it was just a little windy. It just got me thinking... wow fall is right around the corner, especially here in Northern Idaho, we have a VERY short summer. Normally, by the time fall rolls around I'm ready for the change, but not this summer. I've done no camping, no swimming in lakes, rivers, ponds, etc., my summer vacation was spent in a campus apartment at Univ. of Oklahoma with my husband and a whole bunch of 20 years olds... its just really been a funny summer.

School just started around here, so the campus population has exploded!! It really is just such a different town when the 'kids' are here. But hey, that's why we are here too.

Mike's been home for a few weeks now. Its so wonderful having him home, but its also a little strange having to account to someone else for my time. He keeps asking me when I'll be home from work... I guess "when I get home" isn't a very nice answer :-)

I've been working - A LOT, so that would be the reason for the lack of postings on this blog.

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