Friday, September 3, 2010


Are you ready for some football?? We are. I'm not ready for fall, just football... yes I realize they go together. Last night was the first University of Idaho football game, it went well... Idaho had not won a season opener since 1998, but last night not only won the opener but achieved the largest margin of victory in 18 years by defeating North Dakota 45-0. It was just really fun to go and watch the team do really well! Mike gets into the games for free, but I had to buy tickets so this year I bought season tickets. It should be a lot of fun. Next week's game will be a lot tougher, we play Nebraska - in Nebraska, but its good, we've got the Boise State game in November so we really need the practice playing tough teams. This will be the last year of the Idaho/BSU rivalry. Maybe its a good, things can be really toxic in this rivalry (Mike would argue this point with me though!)

I'm also participating in a Fantasy Football league - I have NO IDEA what I'm doing??? I missed the draft so I fairly certain my team is terrible. I guess I'll find out when the season starts. I'm ready for my lazy Sundays watching football!!

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