Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Why is it so hard for some and so easy for others?

Ok, well I started this blog a few months ago thinking it would be about our move to Idaho and exploring this new and wonderful place. Well, we've explored some, we are getting used to the weather differences, we are adjusting to a MUCH small living space. We have our ups and downs with these adjustments, but I think we are coming through with flying colors.

As many of our friends and family know Mike and I have been trying to get pregnant for quite sometime. We've seen a few different doctors and have found out that I 'probably' have less than perfect eggs, and Mike's swimmers are a little slow. Neither of which really should be stopping us from conceiving. Now, please don't respond to this with, 'just relax' or 'don't think about it' or 'just get drunk and do it in the car' -- none of those have worked we've tried it. In fact based on what I've read we have probably been a little too laid back on the whole system of trying. Sometimes I pay attention to the calendar, sometimes I don't. We've tried 4 cycles of Clomid (ovulation inducer), that was NOT pretty, and NOT successful.

Finally we went to a RE and while I'm not to sure about his bedside manner, he's the only one in with in 4 hours of our house, and he's given us a little bit of hope. Sooo.... I think I'm going to start this blog, for no other reason that at least typing these things out will probably help me.

Our next step is IUI. I don't think that we are going to start this process until October, for a few different reasons that I don't really feel like getting into at the moment. So this maybe the last post for a while, or who knows maybe I'll jump in as necessary.