Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Summer pt 1

Hello All!

It was recently brought to my attention that I haven't updated this in a while... sorry about that!! I just haven't been all that motivated to sit down and put something together. I'll be out and about and think... I should blog about this, then I get home and life starts to happen. I have NO IDEA how my friends with kids do it!

So, quick update, Mike is home!!! Yeah!!! He ended up only being gone two weeks, but it was a very strange two weeks. And, I even vacuumed while he was gone. I know, I should vacuum, I'm just not much of a house keeper. When I have a bigger place (& more money of course) I'm sure I'll be hiring one.

Shortly after Mike returned was my B-Day! I turned 34, how did I get so grown up?? We went camping for a few days, found a great place to go swimming! Mike and our friends even had a little celebration for us. We played some ladder ball (or as we told the neighbor kid from the next campsite over 'Norwegian Monkey Ball'). It was very relaxing!!!

Below are some pictures from our camping trip! Fun times... more on our summer to come!!

Mike & I playing ladder ball - FUN game!

Jeremy, Mike , and Ryan riding/standing in the Amigo out to swim @ the Lagoons
And some pic's below of Ryan flipping and flying into the water at the Lagoons! Fun times!!