Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bike Riding!

Since we moved to Pullman, I've been thinking about riding my bike home from work.  There is a beautiful trail that runs between Moscow and Pullman, an old rail line.

Its about 10 Miles or so, and most of the ride is relatively flat, until you get to Pullman (I live up on a hill).   I don't have a bike, but Mike bought one a few years ago.  So, we adjusted it for me, bought some road tires (it had some seriously knobby mountain bike tires on it) and about a month ago we finally had a nice day so I could try. 

Unfortunately, about 3 miles in I stopped because I dropped my water bottle, and then heard this noise - pssshhhhht - the tire popped!  

We finally have some nice days, so I tried again yesterday.  I completed the WHOLE RIDE!  For this out of shape person, it was a huge accomplishment! 

Well, it took me longer than 49 minutes, but I made it! 

Can't ride again today - I have a dentist appointment, but I plan on starting out by riding home three days a week, and then moving up from there.  It was so much fun, just being out on a bike, smelling the flowers, and seeing the creek up close.  Now... If my behind wasn't so sore!!