Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Something to be Thankful For

Have you ever been in a car accident? Well, I was in my first really large accident on Monday. Besides being super sore, I'm fine and so is Mike, which when you look at the pictures you will agree is pretty amazing. Mike and I hit some ice on the road early Monday morning on our way to Spokane, the car slid off the road, then went off the embankment, rolled at least three times and came to rest on hits top.

Mike was actually able to climb right out of the car and then help me, which was good because I was a little bit more banged up. The ER doctor said my X-Rays all came back clear and we just had superficial scrapes... I am so amazed.

I remember as soon as the car started to slide thinking 'oh s*^t this is not good'. I knew we were going to roll but the funny thing was I wasn't scared. There was no 'life flashing before eyes' episode, I just remember knowing that we had to hold on and get through it.

We were so lucky to have help immediately after the crash, Thank you Jose whoever you are! And thank you to Matt, the volunteer firefighter who actually drove his truck down the embankment and out in to the field to help us. Thank you to my mom for driving up to Spokane and picking us up, and taking care of us these past couple of days. And lastly, thank you to whoever invented the seat belt!

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Big Game!

Saturday was the BIG GAME, Idaho vs. Boise State. It's a pretty big deal around here. We bought our tickets weeks ago, the game was sold out, we were wearing black we were ready. We were there to support the University of Idaho while they went up against #9 Nationally Ranked Boise State!!! There were people in Blue and Orange all over town, the Bronco's had invaded Moscow.

Game started out amazing!! On the very first play after the kickoff, it appeared that an Idaho player had been brought down right on the edge of the field by a Bronco, but then wait... he was still running... running all the way down the field, TOUCHDOWN IDAHO!!! We couldn't believe it, and neither could the other team!! Sure enough he was never actually down, he just rolled over another guy and kept running, Idaho scored and they scored first!!! they were actually leading!!!

The crowd was going crazy! So much fun... that really didn't last all that long. Idaho kept it close up to half time, it was Idaho 10 Boise 17 at the half, then the 3rd quarter happened, it was not pretty!!! Boise showed why they are ranked #9 in the nation. At least we had a good quarter though.

We were really glad that we got to go since Mike will only be here this fall and next fall, then he'll be graduating in May of 2010. Next year they will play in Boise, so we saw it while we could!

Well, as anyone can probably tell, things are on hold for the moment. I had pretty much decided that we would continue with the still trying to start a family, I thought, well I'll get a job soon and I'm so tall if we actually suceeded I won't be showing anytime soon anyway, but then a few obsticles popped up. First of all the Cryobank, wasn't really comfortable with the idea that I was self employed (which I was when I filled out the paperwork), we had to send them a copy of last years tax returns just to prove that we have the ability to support a child. Which I guess is probably a good thing. But then they were still requiring a large deposit for their services, which I'm a little confused about since we pay for everything up front... but needless to say, we don't have a lot of extra floating around to put down a deposit and pay for their services up front.

Then, I got 'the letter' I've been waiting for. Since May when I lost my health insurance through my former employer I've been paying my COBRA premium's out of my own pocket. Since my old employer was a small company my premiums were based on my relatively young age, so they were low. Well, as of January 1st I will no longer be eligible for those low rates, and my premiums will jump up to $557 per month, just for me!!! I will be joined the ranks of the not only the unemployed but also the uninsured.

I just can't in good concious purposely get pregnant when I know that I may not have health insurance to cover the delivery and birth. We are on hold. Oh well, it's alright. We'll get there someday!