Monday, May 5, 2008

Everybody & Their Brother are doing it right?

So, yep since everyone seems to be doing it, I thought maybe I will too. I really enjoy reading all my friend's blogs, maybe they'll enjoy reading mine?

So a little background on the kind of things I might be posting on:

Mike and I moved to Moscow, Idaho in December, well he moved in December with all our stuff and I followed about 6 weeks later. Six weeks, is a long time when you are used to being with someone everyday and night. It was a very strange situation and I sincerely hope we don't have to do something like that again!! We moved here so he could get his BS in Physics from the University of Idaho. In Roseville, it would have been so difficult for him to go to school full time and not work, everything is just so much more expensive. Here he can go full time while I work to pay the bills. I look at it as an investment.

University Of Idaho - Moscow, Idaho

In the meantime I am working from home. The company that I work for was able to work it out so that I am able to continue working for them, not necessarily in the same capacity, but I'm really thankful for the opportunity.

So - I'm thinking this blog will let all our friends and family far and wide keep up with so many of our new experiences. Because let me tell you, Idaho is much different than California!!