Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Still Alive

Yes we are still here and still alive. We have been extremely busy this past month or so. Mike took his physics GRE a few weeks ago, I've been trying to get through open enrollment, and hire a new communications person at the same time...

My cousin Amber got married in Dahlonega, GA on 11/13/2010. Mom and I flew out to GA on 11/10 (super early in the morning!) and got to spend a great weekend with family. The wedding was held at a resort where a lodge had been rented out for the wedding attendees. Friday night was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, and in true family tradition, my 3 Aunts and I got everything set up for dinner! Then the ceremony and reception were Saturday. Amber's husband is in the music business and makes electronic music and he also DJs. He travels around the world doing this and has been pretty successfull. After the reception there was a drum circle at the lodge. It was really fun listening to all the very musical people playing and grooving. I decided not to join in since I have a rough time carrying any sort of tune or beat. :-)

Mom and I at the wedding.

My mom (Bobbie), my Aunt Kathy, the groom Richard Devine, the Bride Amber Vaughn Devine, my Aunt Emmy, and my Aunt Murnie (Amber's mom)

Amber, my cousin Rachel (bride's sister) and the little flower girl who just stole the show! Aren't the field and the trees just amazing?

On Sunday we went and explored Amicalola Falls. There was a short hike up to the beautiful falls. And the fall colors where AMAZING!

Reflecting Pool at Amicalola Falls State Park

Loved the Fall Colors!

So, now I've driven through rural Georgia. There were all these little churches. And each church had its own cemetary surronding it. I haven't seen that much where I grew up.

We are just a day before Thanksgiving today and Mike and I will be celebrating with my Mom, Ryan and our neighbor Nita and her daughter Lila. Nita's in law school here and her home is in New Mexico, only she couldn't go back for Thanksgiving. It should be a day filled with relaxation, football, and yummy food! Happy Thanksgiving Ya'all!