Friday, June 25, 2010

Ah Idaho

Last night we had a going away party at one of my co-worker's houses. It's outside of town in the farmland of the Palouse. What is the Palouse? Well, it's these amazing rolling hills that are planted with wheat, peas, canola, garbanzo beans, and I'm sure many other crops. Right now they are beautifully green!

In a month or two they will be rolling fields of brown. Which, until they harvest is really pretty too.

It was so nice sitting out in her back yard looking out over the rolling hills with Moscow Mountain in the back ground. Moscow Mountain has always been kind of a funny thing to me. It's more like a ridge, I guess there is a specific peak that is Moscow Mountain, but I couldn't tell you which one. And doesn't sound like something out of a scary Teen movie "up on (insert town name) mountain" ...

But anyway, after leaving the get together, I decided to go for a drive and drove up the mountain. Looking back, maybe not the best idea since no one knew where I was going or even that I wasn't home, but luckily it turned out fine. Thank goodness because I love to explore. Below are a couple of pictures I took with my phone from the top, I would have liked to get out and explore... but I was in a dress and heels, so I thought the better option would be to stay in my truck.

It really is very pretty here.

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