Monday, March 1, 2010

Triathlon Update

Wow - we are almost half way through our time to finish the triathlon, and we are no where near halfway through the distances!!! Yikes! This weekend helped put a dent in it though. 'Ran' 2 Miles on Saturday and biked 2.5. Then yesterday I swam 1750 yards (out of 4425 total needed) and biked for 12.5.

This brings my overall totals to:

Run: 8 miles
Bike: 36.5 miles
Swim: 1750 yards

Here is what I need to do to finish:

Run: 26.2 miles
Bike: 112 miles
Swim: 2.4 miles or 4425 yard

As you can see I have a very long way to go!!! The next couple of weeks are going to be rough, but I can do it!

Mike's run a lot further than I have, he uses the elliptical machine and I'm convinced that makes it a little bit easier than just running. But, with this back and hips, the elliptical is what he needs to do. He came swimming with me yesterday and did awesome!! He swam 1000 yards!!! That's 40 lengths of a pool!! For someone who has never really swam laps before he did GREAT!!!

I'm having fun with all of this, but boy I'm tired!


TeamChavez4 said...

Wish I could be there to cheer you on! You go girl!!!!

Heidi Upton said...

Awesome, Niki! What a cool idea!

the Gwilliam Family said...

Great work!! I know you can do it:)

Niki Jones said...

Thanks everyone!