Monday, April 12, 2010

Movin & Groovin

Triathlon - I finished the swimming pretty easily, no surprise there. And I have finished the running as well, but the bike... ah the bike.... I dread the bike... I've biked a total of about 60 miles... so I really do have 52 left to go. I haven't biked in a few weeks, so maybe I should start again. I think I might enjoy the bike better if I had a real bike and didn't have to use a stationary one at the gym (however that might just be an excuse). Mike on the other hand is awesome!! He finished the whole triathlon in 28 days!!! Unfortunately this whole thing was sponsored by the triathlon club here at Univ. of Idaho and they seem to have disbanded midway through the program - so no T-Shirt or awards celebration... but hey it got us moving!!

Speaking of getting moving - Mike and I ran in a 5k with some friends on Saturday! Neither Mike or I had done anything like this before so it was really a great experience!! Mike hung out and ran with me, we finished in 38 min 17 seconds -- Yeah! We probably ran 2/3 of it, so next time we'll try to run the whole thing!

We had a blast too, I won a nice cap in a raffle, Mike won a long sleeve T-shirt and of course we got the race t-shirts. It was actually sunny and I got a little pink on my nose, but boy does the wind blow out here!!

There is another run in a couple of weeks we are thinking about doing. I can't imagine with Mike's back/hip problems and my horrible knee we'll ever become 'runners' but I do really enjoy getting out for these shorter runs!

Oh - and if you look closely at our friends John & Kelly's (#196) feet -- they have these really cool, barefoot running shoes. The are supposed to allow them to run barefoot like, but still protect their feet. They were quite the topic of conversation.

Mike just had his 35th birthday -- but I haven't uploaded the pictures yet, so I'll do that soon! And tell you all about it. -- Have a great week everyone!


the Gwilliam Family said...

Way to go Niki!!! Good job on your accomplishment!!!

Heidi Upton said...

38 mins is great, for only running 3/4 of it! Congrats!