Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Crazy Seattle Weekend!!

Crazy weekend!! My neighbor Tiff asked me on Wednesday of last week if I wanted to head to Seattle with her this past weekend to attend a Bachelorette party… hmm girls weekend in the City?? I was in!!

So we left Friday afternoon to head to Seattle! Normally it would take about 5 hours from where I live to get to Seattle so it’s a bit of a drive. However when they are working on I-90 and bringing it down to 1 lane… 5 hours turns into 8+ hours… turns into, not making to Seattle and finding a place to sleep ASAP before we fall asleep in the car.

Saturday, we got up, got moving and finished our trek to Seattle. Tiff, who used to live in Seattle and grew up north of there, showed me all around some of her old neighborhood haunts. I’ve been to Seattle once before, but just stayed downtown, seeing all the Touristy stuff. We picked up some coffee beans at Cafe Ladro in the Fremont neighborhood. I was on the look out for Dave Matthews as I had heard this was his area, but no luck. I did see Lenin though...

We headed down to a day spa in Tacoma to meet up with the girls for the bachelorette party. We'd been hanging out waiting for about 45 min or so, when Tiff decided to call them and see when they were coming. Well, it turns out the party was Friday afternoon, not Saturday afternoon... ooops. Sorry Tiff's friend. (But seriously, who has a bachelorette party on a Friday??) We enjoyed the rest of our afternoon at the spa and decided to go vist Tiff's folks in Burlington, WA about an hour north of Seattle.

We grabbed some lunch/dinner at Thai Tom in the University District. So yummy!!! Prior to heading to Seattle this weekend, I didn't realize that UW was playing USC (football) at home on Saturday. By chance I was wearing purple, so I fit right in!!

Thai Tom's was GREAT, I could probably write a whole blog just about this crazy little restaurant. This is Tiff with her yummy dinner.

We had a really nice visit with Tiff's folks. Then Sunday morning it was time to head home. We learned our lessen with the I-90 traffic so we decided to Hwy 2 home, under normal circumstances it would take much longer this way, but since we were avoiding a certain two hour delay we thought it would be great.

We had lunch in Leavenworth, WA. A funny little Washington town, that has taken on a Bavarian theme to attract visitors. When Mike was a kid he lived there for a while so it was pretty neat getting to see where he lived as a kid.

Then.... about 10 miles out of Leavenworth... we pulled off the road to go a different route, and Tiff's car just kinda died. Luckily, a really nice gentleman pulled over behind us and called a tow truck for us. He was a retired policeman and used to drive a tow truck and he and his wife said they didn't want us just sitting out there by ourselves. They waited until our tow truck finally showed up.

Our 'lovely' tow truck driver took us all the way to Moses Lake, which was awesome, but meant that we had to hang with Donnie, the VERY Large, soon to be divorced, woman hating tow truck driver for like 2+ hours!!! Ugh!!!

Luckily Tiff's Aunt & Uncle live is Moses Lake, so we were able to stay with them. Her uncle took off her alternator, and walked her through the steps. The next morning we hit the auto parts store and sure enough her alternator had been dead. So, she got a new one, and put it back on all by herself! I was there to hold things in position, and provide a little muscle, but yeah Tiff rocks! Finally we headed home... again!!

Long... crazy weekend. And as we decided on the trip, Karma works on a pre-pay system, we built up some serious karma points this weekend! I felt bad that Tiff missed her friends party, and her car broke down, but I say thanks for still managing to make the rest of the weekend a blast!

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Heidi Upton said...

What a strip! It could've been the trip from hell but it sounds like everything worked out for a reason!