Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Missing in Action!!!

Once upon a time, I actually wrote things on this blog. Updates about our time here in Idaho, information about our fun trips and excursions... now.... I forget its even here. So sad :-(

It has been a bit of a rough couple of months in the Jones' household. Mike has been sick and coughing for literally months now which makes studying difficult. We've both battle the flu and sinus infections... We are so ready to feel better!!!

But now the holiday's are upon us. Hopefully we will soon be in the Christmas mood. My brother brought over all our Christmas decorations as we store them in my mom's garage. The boxes are piled up in the living room...

We've started to get some holiday cards, with beautiful pictures of friends & family. They are on display on our bookcase at least!! I've even finished my Christmas shopping, now I just need to wrap & ship them all out. I wonder if that's why I'm a little down... I know that we are shipping almost all our gifts, which means we won't see the people who are getting them?

This particular post seems down... and I don't mean for it too. Just saying, I'm working on getting in the holiday spirit and I'm determined to get there - just probably not until next week. ;-) Happy Holidays y'all!!

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