Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Where do we live?

For some reason, Mike and I have lived pretty nomadic lives as a married couple. We've lived in 7 different homes in 6 towns since we got married. Sometimes we've moved because we had too, other times we moved for new opportunities, and once we moved just down the street because we liked the house we moved into better! Even where we are now is relatively temporary so we'll be continuing our nomadic lifestyle for at least a little while longer. Here is where we've lived:

1. Chico/Durham: When we first were married we lived in a modular home we rented. It was in an almond orchard between Chico & Durham Ca. When we moved in, it was in the middle of an old orchard, unfortunately they began tearing out the old orchard to replant right after we moved it. So, instead there was a BIG dirt field behind us. We lived there for just about a year and just had to move. We shared the house with Mike's sister Stefanie, which was fine, but we rented it from her boyfriend, who she promptly broke up with shortly after Mike and I moved out. So you can imagine the stress. We did have our dog Max when we lived there. He was so fun and we miss him a lot, but when we moved we didn't think it was fair to move him into a small apartment. So we found a really good home for him out in Willows.

2. Temecula: We lived in Temecula, CA for 4 months 2001. It was such a crazy time period. We were staying with Mike's dad and step-mom in a beautiful home. I really got to know Don and Kathy and Mike's sister Erin and her little girl Nicolette too. We were there when the twin towers were bombed and it was such a crazy day. Mike and I commuted a really long way living here, but looking back we are very happy we got to live there. Mike's dad passed away just a couple of weeks after we moved into our own apartment. We all knew he was ill, just no one had any idea he was that ill. Living there was a blessing to us all.

3. Encinitas: I almost lived by the beach! We were pretty close when we lived in this little beach town. We loved heading over to the Cardiff Seaside Market and getting some expensive little snack and watching the waves. They decided to turn our apartments into condos and both Mike and I were working in San Diego so we moved after just one year.

4. Banker's Hill/San Diego: We loved this apartment! It was in the Banker's Hill area of San Diego. Right on a canyon so there was open land in front of us, we were just blocks from Balboa Park, not far from Downtown, Ocean Beach, and I really got to spend some time with my sister, Christine and her husband Brooks. Unfortunately, I really missed my mom and Northern California. If our landlord hadn't decided to sell our condo we would have stayed there longer.

5. Roseville - Folsom Rd.: Pt. 1 - We hosted our first Thanksgiving together in our first house in Roseville. This house had the biggest living room I've ever had! It made all our stuff look tiny. It was an ok place, but there was a back house that someone rented and a basement apartment and we were just ready for a place of our own. So we moved down the street:
Folsom Rd. Pt. 2 - Such a cute little grannie house! This was such a special place for Mike and I. Even
though we didn't move there until about 4 1/2 years into our marriage I think this was really our first true home together, everywhere else seemed kind of temporary. We loved loved loved the house, but we hated our commutes and weren't fond of our jobs. So...

6. Moscow, ID: And now here we are in Moscow, ID. We moved here 01/01/2008 and will be in our current apartment until at least May of next year. We live in University housing at the the University of Idaho. Who knew that at age 35 we'd be in family housing at a University. Sometimes this really bothers me, but then other times I couldn't be happier. Mike is getting to go back to school, I've been able to get out of the insurance brokerage arena, and am now working at the University. And we really love Moscow.

We'll see where the next 10 years takes us. We really don't know. If anything the last 10 yrs has shown... it really doesn't matter. We can make anywhere home for a little while.

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