Monday, November 17, 2008

Well, as anyone can probably tell, things are on hold for the moment. I had pretty much decided that we would continue with the still trying to start a family, I thought, well I'll get a job soon and I'm so tall if we actually suceeded I won't be showing anytime soon anyway, but then a few obsticles popped up. First of all the Cryobank, wasn't really comfortable with the idea that I was self employed (which I was when I filled out the paperwork), we had to send them a copy of last years tax returns just to prove that we have the ability to support a child. Which I guess is probably a good thing. But then they were still requiring a large deposit for their services, which I'm a little confused about since we pay for everything up front... but needless to say, we don't have a lot of extra floating around to put down a deposit and pay for their services up front.

Then, I got 'the letter' I've been waiting for. Since May when I lost my health insurance through my former employer I've been paying my COBRA premium's out of my own pocket. Since my old employer was a small company my premiums were based on my relatively young age, so they were low. Well, as of January 1st I will no longer be eligible for those low rates, and my premiums will jump up to $557 per month, just for me!!! I will be joined the ranks of the not only the unemployed but also the uninsured.

I just can't in good concious purposely get pregnant when I know that I may not have health insurance to cover the delivery and birth. We are on hold. Oh well, it's alright. We'll get there someday!

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