Monday, November 17, 2008

The Big Game!

Saturday was the BIG GAME, Idaho vs. Boise State. It's a pretty big deal around here. We bought our tickets weeks ago, the game was sold out, we were wearing black we were ready. We were there to support the University of Idaho while they went up against #9 Nationally Ranked Boise State!!! There were people in Blue and Orange all over town, the Bronco's had invaded Moscow.

Game started out amazing!! On the very first play after the kickoff, it appeared that an Idaho player had been brought down right on the edge of the field by a Bronco, but then wait... he was still running... running all the way down the field, TOUCHDOWN IDAHO!!! We couldn't believe it, and neither could the other team!! Sure enough he was never actually down, he just rolled over another guy and kept running, Idaho scored and they scored first!!! they were actually leading!!!

The crowd was going crazy! So much fun... that really didn't last all that long. Idaho kept it close up to half time, it was Idaho 10 Boise 17 at the half, then the 3rd quarter happened, it was not pretty!!! Boise showed why they are ranked #9 in the nation. At least we had a good quarter though.

We were really glad that we got to go since Mike will only be here this fall and next fall, then he'll be graduating in May of 2010. Next year they will play in Boise, so we saw it while we could!

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