Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Getting out and about

Things have been a little crazy with my job.  I work for a public University in Idaho.  Idaho is not exactly well know for funding its educational institutions.  (That being said, since we were never very well funded to begin with they haven't been able to cut as much as other public universities are cutting.)  Unfortunately, we've had to the work with quite a few less people, and as the manager this makes my job pretty stressful.  So a we or so ago, I just had to get out.  Needed to get away from computers, desks, people, emails, etc.  We went for a few little hikes.

First we drove just a few miles away to Klemgard Park.  I've seen the signs for it on the highway, but didn't know anything about it.  Off we went.  The park sits partly in a little valley, with a play area, a large picnic area and a creek running through.  Then the back part of it goes up the side of the hill towards the wheat fields.  Its a nice little hike up the hill, kind of a wooded hillside, then when you get to the top you are greeted by a wheat field.  
This is me at the top of the hike in the wheat field.  

Not the best picture, but I like the contrast of the pine trees and the wheat field.  

Saturday morning I was still pretty restless, so we headed out again, but this time to Kamiak Butte. Between Pullman and Palouse, WA Kamiak Butte rises up off the rolling hills of the Palouse and offers AMAZING views.  After a nice 1/2 mile of switch backs we came to the top of the ridge, and then sat there for a good half hour taking it all in.  

 I think this is looking towards Moscow, ID (its kind of hard to tell)

 Looking Southwest out into the fields of the Palouse.

My brother, Ryan, and I with the Palouse in the background.

This is also Ryan and I but with the rest of Kamiak Butte in the back ground, and just off to the left of the picture you can see the fields of the Palouse to the south west of the butte. 

And a not so lovely picture of me sitting up on a rock taking it all in.  

I love the fact that both of these little hikes are less than 15 minutes from my house.  I sure miss the rivers back in the Auburn area, but there are things I love about living here!  

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