Thursday, May 27, 2010


When we found out Mike was going to be heading to Oklahoma for the summer, I realized I would need something in addition to work to keep me busy since I tend to become a couch potato if given to much free time. My neighbor has had a plot in a community garden here in town for a few summers now and I've helped her out here and there, so I thought maybe I'd get my own. Last week the group that runs the garden let me know they had one available for me if I wanted it!

So, it's been a busy week. The plot is about 12 x 12 feet, but it wasn't planted last year, so the soil was a little hard and there were WEEDS, WEEDS, and more WEEDS. I took out two wheelbarrows full of dandelions alone! It also had volunteer onions growing all over too. I felt bad taking out the onions, but I had to roto-till the plot or I never would have been able to do anything!

Sunday my brother Ryan brought over a roto-tiller and tilled the plot for me! It was awesome. Then last night Mike and I went up and built a little fence around it. There are bunnies that love living up there because they get to eat all sorts of yummy veggies all summer! I'm not sure our fence would keep out a bunny if it really wanted in, but we are hoping that they will just move along to the next plot that isn't fenced.

I also planted some lettuce & spinach! And I have tomato, squash, and pepper plant starts at home. I'll probably plant them in the garden next week, we've still had some mild frosts the past few weeks up here.

I'll go up to the garden and snap some pictures to post on here so you can what it used to look like and what it looks like now, just a week later!


Heidi Upton said...

I need to see if there's something like that, here. The produce SUCKS. I don't want to have to go to Whole Foods! :-)

Niki Jones said...

It's pretty cool. There are about 30 or so plots. I'm going to head up there tonight,so I'll take some pictures. Check out:

Niki Jones said...

What about farmer's markets? Do you have those, they usually have good produce.