Friday, January 16, 2009

Beethoven and Brahms

Living in a small town has some disadvantages, minimal shopping, not a whole of entertainment opportunities, however, living in a small town with a University sure helps lessen those disadvantages. Mike and I were feeling like we needed some culture in our lives so last night we attended a Faculty Recital at the Lionel Hampton School of Music here at the University. Three professors have come together to form the Kennard Trio. They played the Piano, the Violin, and the Cello. The program included Beethoven’s Piano Trio in C-Minor, Op. 1, No. 3 and Johannes Brahms’ Clarinet Trio, Op. 114. Ok, so now that I’ve basically just copied information out of the program, since I really have no idea what Op. 1, No. 3 means… let me tell you it was so much fun!

It was just in a cool 1970’s style recital hall, with some seriously dated seating, but for someone who know nothing about classical music it was just beautiful. I kept closing my eyes and trying to figure out which sound was the violin and which sound was the cello. Mike really liked it too, but since he’s actually taken Music Theory courses, he knew a little bit more about it that I did.

I think we are going to try and continue to add a little ‘culture’ to our lives. Next week we are going to go to a guitar recital. Mike’s really excited about that one. And I decided to volunteer at
Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival that’s going on here in February. The Jazz Festival is a really big deal here in our little town. Not only do they get some big performances, but kids from all over come for the conference. Last year I had to travel to San Diego for a last minute work trip so I missed it completely so I’m really excited to be here this year for it. And of course, with volunteering your get tickets to the shows so I can’t wait!


Heidi Upton said...

That should be fun! Who would've known a jazz fest would come to Moscow, ID? :-)

Niki Jones said...

Actually its been around for 40 years here at the school of Music! I guess a while back it was really one of THE places for emerging jazz musicians. Who knew?? It received the National Medal of Arts it 2007. Just crazy huh?